Handpainted Murals

Rosie Mennem can be commissioned to create an original piece of art from a whole room to one wall or a canvas. Her commissions are both in the domestic and commercial field, painting vaulted celings at the lobkowicz Palace and extensively at Zamek Castolovice in the Czech Republic, both open to the public. She is the specialist painter for Stoke park and has painted the showrooms for Chelsea Textiles in London. Neisha Crosland has commissioned Rosie many times to paint in her stunning London house. Other commissions include a mill house in the South of France, restoring a fresco in the hill top village of Mougin, South of France and painting in the home of Roald Dahl.

“Rosie has always astounded me with her ability to create an original piece of artwork to such an incredible standard of beauty and originality”CHARLOTTE CROSLAND Interior Designer